Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bugsy Malone

Bugsy Malone was pretty disturbing, because of the child actors trying to play the role of adults. There are reasons why the film doesn’t work with child actor and there are also some reasons that do work with the idea. There is also the idea of the American Dream in this movie which is brought up a lot and which plays a big role in the story.

The reason the kid actors were creepy was because they would do adult activities and say adult phrases that shouldn’t be done by a child of their age. Some of the girls would walk around with babies as if it were their daughters. For many reasons this world that the director Alan Parker created will haunt me for a while. For many of the kids this was their first film ever, with the exception to Jodie Foster who played Tallulah. Surprisingly the performances by most of the kids were very good which leads me to my second point, which is what worked with the child actors.

            Besides the fact that it was strange seeing the kids act like adults there were many comedic parts of the film because of that. One of the funniest parts was at the end when everyone gets pied, which will be brought up later when I talk about the American Dream Idea. Another aspect of the children character roles that was interesting was how it let adults watching the film analyze an adult situation in a totally new way. Instead of thinking every action is totally acceptable like in film like The Godfather because they’re adults, now we look at it with a new filter.

One critical part of the story, which isn’t clarified at all, is the question of weather or one dies or not when they get pied. My theory is that they do die because throughout the film until the very end all the characters disappear when they are pied. At the very end if you watch closely you can see that Bugsy and Blousey don’t have any pie on them at all. I think that it’s supposed to be a happy ending to a tragic story.

            The American Dream is the last thing I want to talk about in this Blog post. The reason it’s so important to the story is because there are a lot of minor characters like the little black janitor who wanted to be a dancer for Fat Sam. All of these minor characters led up to what made the ending so sad when everyone dies except Bugsy and Blousey. 

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